• Buying a Property

    Buying property in Thailand can be a nightmare if you are not aware of the property laws in Thailand. We have listed the basics of what to watch out for when buying Thai real estate.
  • Retiring in Thailand

    Retiring in Thailand has many options. Some prefer the nightlife of Pattaya, others the rural life of Chiang Mai or Issaan. While others prefer the middle class expat community of Hua Hin or upscale Phuket. Everyone has a different view of how their retirement should feel and look like. Thailand has much to offer over that of Spain or any of the other Asian countries.
  • Marriage in Thailand

    Getting married in a tropical paradise such as Thailand must be one of the most memorable experiences one could have. Registering the marriage however could place a damper on it. If you intend to get married in Thailand and spend 2 days registering your marriage then the honeymoon might not be as entertaining as first imagined. There are certain procedures which need to be followed with regards to marriage.

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Thailand Visa Options

Back in 2001, it was estimated that around 1,000,000 illegal immigrants reside in Thailand. This figure alone represents the number of illegal workers within Thailand. From the given estimate, the above-mentioned figure is expected to further increase. speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more immigration advice and which thai visa options will fit you best.

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