Elite Visa in Thailand

The Elite Visa program in Thailand is a special visa scheme designed for foreigners who wish to stay in the country for an extended period. It is a long-term visa that offers a range of benefits, including hassle-free travel, expedited immigration clearance, and a dedicated concierge service.

The Elite Visa program is run by the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. There are several different Elite Visa options available, including a five-year visa, a 10-year visa, and a renewable annual visa. The cost of the visa varies depending on the length of stay, but it can range from approximately 500,000 baht to 2 million baht.

The Elite Visa program offers a range of benefits to its holders, including:

  1. Multiple entry privileges: Elite Visa holders can enter and exit Thailand as many times as they wish during the validity period of their visa.
  2. Expedited immigration clearance: Elite Visa holders have access to a dedicated lane at the airport, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to clear immigration.
  3. Concierge service: Elite Visa holders have access to a dedicated concierge service that can assist with a range of tasks, including booking hotels, arranging transportation, and making restaurant reservations.
  4. Access to exclusive facilities: Elite Visa holders have access to a range of exclusive facilities, including golf courses, spas, and business centers.
  5. VIP privileges: Elite Visa holders are eligible for VIP privileges at many hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in Thailand.

The Elite Visa program is open to citizens of all countries, but applicants must meet certain criteria, including having a clean criminal record and meeting the financial requirements. Interested individuals can apply for the Elite Visa through the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited.